Winner Florence Film Awards 2019 – Best Cinematography

Mit „I DO ME“ wurde ich bei den Florence Film Awards als BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY ausgezeichnet.

Unter anderem gewann I DO ME in den Kategorien: Bester Kurzfilm, Beste Regie, Beste Kamera und Beste Musik.

I DO ME tells the story of a middle-age man, who draws inspiration and power for his every day life from the traits lived out in the pursuit of his sport: resilience and self-belief that he can realize his dreams.

writer & voice. Scott Petersen
producer/director/editor. Julien Pohl
assistant director. Ric Eickholt
dop & aerial shots. Klaus Heinzler
music composer. Jakob Balogh
sound designer. Moritz Staub
colorist. Sönke Heuer
actor/fighter. Kevin Gyameschie